Data Tracking

Website Data is Gold

Only by gathering data can you improve your digital marketing efforts. One of the first thing we do on any digital marketing campaign is setup data tracking programs and conversion tracking. It is the platform from where we can understand how your website is performing online.

  • Google Analytics

Here we can see where your website visitors are coming from, what they’re doing on your website and how long they stayed on your site. We can also monitor many more metrics which give us tremendous insight on your customers.On Analytics we set up Goals and Conversion to be able to optimize your websites performance.


  • Google Search Console

On GSC we are able to monitor your websites health and get alerted if anything malicious is happening. Better yet, we can find the keywords and your website ranking for those terms. This helps us find where we can begin optimizing your digital marketing campaigns.

  • Google Ads

If you’re sloppy with understanding data and the Google Ads Platform you can very quickly pour your money down the drain. Aggressively testing your ads and understanding how searchers are engaging with your ads can bring your advertising campaigns to a whole other level.

  • Other Tracking Platforms

At Boundless we use a variety of other data tracking platforms to precisely track the performance of your website in ways Google doesn’t offer. Our digital marketing efforts go above and beyond to ensure your business wins.

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