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Email marketing can only be used for certain kind of businesses. Not many people will want to receive offers from their plumber if they don’t have a plumbing issue.

Don’t offer “Free Updates”

If you want people to sign-up for receiving email offers you won’t get many opt-ins if your front end offer is an”update”. No one checks their emails in the morning looking for “Suzy’s Knitting Update”. 

Make it Somewhat Personal

Emails are personal. Make it personal & interesting

Give those who traded your information with you an offer with a personal touch. People don’t like being advertised to in their emails. Your emails should be spread out and most importantly on an automated system that keeps track of your performance.

Email Marketing with Us

We at Boundless choose to integrate our email marketing services with the other services we offer. Such as SEO, Website Development, and PPC Management. This way we are able to not only build your business an email list but to market to it as well.

How to Collect Emails

When your working with us we will brainstorm creative and low cost offers to advertise on your website or on other platforms that lead your audience down a funnel. In this funnel, trading an email for this low cost and appealing offer becomes a no brainer for your audience members. 

Give Away for Email List Subscribers

Your business can make an offer for those only in your email list. Create an offer across your website, and various social media platforms to grow your email list. With giveaway techniques, you can grow your list for pennies on the dollar!

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Winning with Digital Advertising

We don’t settle for average here at Boundless and your campaigns will be optimized until they’re performing like an Olympic athlete. If you would like to know more about how we price our services click here.

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