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SEO can generate your window cleaning business a FAT pipeline of leads.

 How do I know this?

 I know this because I did it myself.

 I went from no experience in web design to my first web-generated lead in 6 weeks!

 I can’t give you a step by step of everything I did but here are the main hitters.

First, let me explain what SEO is exactly…

SEO is the process of ranking your website higher in the search engines (Google). There are more than 200 factors that your website should be optimizing in order to rank higher online.

Although the majority of those factors require a certain experience and knowledge I’ll be showing you what you can do on your own that require little to no experience in execution.

If anything, refer to youtube for a tutorial.

 Here I’m going to show you how you can optimize your window cleaning  website to rank higher on search engines.

Let’s establish first why you should invest in SEO either your time, money or both in SEO.

A window cleaning related keyword costs between $5~8 per click if you were to advertise with Google Ads. A study done by about Local Service Ads found that the click distribution on the first result page of Google was between %70~80 organic. Read the whole study here.

Thirty percent (%30) of those organic clicks are on the Local Pack that Google displays and the remainder is spread out through the top 10 organic results. With the majority on the top 3 text results.


There are 6 key locations you want to be for a search result.

Web Page Title

Let’s begin with your titles. Just like a book, the title of web page identifies the topic. If the titles of your web pages is vague Google cannot properly identify the topic of your page.

The title of your page is what Google displays as the big blue font on a search result.

Since the title of your page is what Google uses to identify the topic of that page, you should use it to identify your page with you main area of service. This is not the only factor it uses to identify the topic but it is one that helps and if your title is way more targeted than your competitors you’ll have an advantage when it comes to certain keywords within a location.

So make sure the title has the keyword or your location of interest.

Example: “ Window Cleaners Norwood, FL – Company Name”

After this simple change, Google may rank your website higher if someone is searching for window cleaners in Norwood, FL.


Web Page Description

So many web page are posted without a proper description.

The description of your page is the smaller gray text that Google displays as the text below the big blue text on the search results. 

Google won’t even consider ranking a page without a proper description.

There is a 160 character limit for your description. Keep it brief and to the point. Anything between 140 and 160 is ideal.

Within the search results matching keywords will be displayed in bold text. So make sure you include your keyword no more than twice on your description.

If you’re using Google Chrome you should download this Chrome Extension. SEO Meta in 1 Click this plugin allows you to quickly see your pages’ titles and descriptions.

There are other metrics you can read with this plugin.

Web Page Headers

Your web pages Headers. These are the Headlines of the topic within your page.

You’ll typically find them as <H1> through <H6>. H1 being the biggest header. Your H1 should match or be very similar to the title of your page because you want to present a consistent subject throughout your page.


This subject being about

<H1> Professional Window Cleaners in Norwood FL</H1>

Your Headers must be organized. You should not have more than one H1. Your H2’s should fall within the topic of your H1. As well as your H3’s should be within the topic of H2 and H1.


Pro Tip:

Your website should have separate pages to target the same area for different services.

Such as Gutter Cleaning or Power Washing if you offer them.

Google My Business

This one is simple. Google displays local businesses when they believe the searchers are looking for a service. So make sure you maximize your business profile!

By going to you can claim or register your business. If you have a physical location you want to put that in to receive a mail letter from Google that contains a code for you to verify that your business is real. It may take up to 5 business days for you to receive this code.

Once that is done  you want to make sure

  • Your business name is correct

  • You insert a functioning phone number

  • You insert your website’s link

  • Upload plenty of picture and or video

  • You insert your business’s category of services

  • The mile radius of your service area, or each town you serve. (up to 620-mile radius)

  • Add attributes if your business is women-led, or veteran led.
  • You are getting reviews and replying to them.


This part is very important you follow in order to perform beyond your competitors.

Enable messaging and download the Google My Business app on your smartphone.

This allows you to respond quickly to your leads questions. Increasing the chance of them choosing your business.

With that app you can easily access the insights of your business profile. You can see what keywords are being used to find you.

You can gain insights on how people are interacting with your profile.

You can also get a comparison of performance between you and your competitors.

You should also create Google posts. These posts show up when someone clicks on your profile after a search. This post will show up under your reviews. And you can link any page to button from this post.
So if you created and posted an offer, you could link it directly to the offer page or your contact page.

In New England, the window cleaning season begins mid-March and an SEO client of ours who invested in SEO last year is now number one for the keyword “Window Cleaning (his town)”.

I called him to get his opinion on SEO in this blog and he said:

 “I unfortunately have to ignore calls now, I can’t keep up with the volume.”

Don’t Believe Me?

Contact me below and I’ll show you his rankings…

SEO is only half the battle though.

I can show you how to convert that traffic into leads.

Maximize Your Yelp Profile

Just like Google, Yelp is used to filter through business that delivers quality work. So make sure you follow through in adding as much information as possible to your Yelp profile.

So by going to and claiming or creating a business profile you can enrich your presence by adding your information.

 Very important is to edit the area which you service. Yelp may extend it a bit to far and thus not making your business relevant locally where you want to dominate. You may feel inclined to want as much area as possible but this just makes your profile have to compete with more businesses that serve that area.

 A great strategy is to start with a smaller service area and build your profile with reviews and then expand your service area.

Include every category of service you offer and make sure you elaborate with it. From skylight cleaning to track cleaning. You want to maximize the available keywords for someone to find your business.

Add lots of pictures to your profile, ideally a few pictures of every single service you offer. This creates a great gap between you and your competitors. Whereas they have 5 pictures and your business has 35. Don’t be shy to include pictures of your office, your team having a meeting or just eating donuts.  

Add a few before and after pictures to demonstrate the results of your work

Stay Active With Reviews

Every business needs to be reviewed online. It is a major trust factor for someone looking for your services.

You must and I’m emphasizing MUST gather reviews on every platform possible.

Although Yelp says they don’t want you to request reviews it’s not likely your profile will get the reviews it needs in a timely manner. It could take years for you to get a review organically on Google or Yelp. So make sure you’re asking for reviews or you could use a reputation management service that will help you do so.

Pay close attention to this simple solution to make your business stand out on Yelp.

Download the app called Yelp For Business Owners.

Here you can receive Quote Requests as a direct message. The speed at which you can reply will greatly influence those looking for a quote. Since you’ll be receiving these messages as a notification on your smartphone it should be easy to keep a optimal response time with your leads.

Look at these examples.

If someone wants a quote from Fish they’ll have to wait 3 days just to get a response!


If someone can get a response from you within 10 minutes who do you think they’re going to contact first?

Here’s an additional benefit of maximizing your Yelp profile.

Bing pulls its local business information data from Yelp. So we suggest you also go to and make sure your information is correct there as well.

Bing is used by roughly 20% of Americans as a Search Engine.

Manage Your Citations

Citations are an easily dismissed feature of SEO that can fit into the DIY part of your business. That is if you have the time and patience (you’ll need it).

Citations are pages websites that work like a modern day Yellowbook. They display your business’s Name, Address, Phone, Website, Services, and sometimes description.

Websites like, and many, MANY more.

You must make sure your information is correct and consistent throughout these websites.

Here’s the Top 100 Citation websites to list your business on.

You could go through the trouble of creating an account, and adding your business to every single website manually which would take you a very long time. Or you could you a citation building service such as They’re prices are not necessarily budget friendly if you’re just staring your window cleaning business and you budget is tight.

But, if you have done what was previously mentioned on this site you should have a leg over your local competition. Citation building should be a checkpoint taken seriously for the digital presence of your window cleaning business.

Create A Blog For Your Window Cleaning Business

Blogging may not be your favorite out of these DIY SEO for window cleaners, but it definitely has its advantages when used properly. If you have ever wondered if you should have a blog on your window cleaning website the answer is


Having a blog allows you to create pages around the topic of window cleaning. Answering common questions about the industry or better yet, having pages that mention your local towns of service and the services you offer.
Be careful to not be stuffing your keywords into your blog post. (Google will penalize you for it)

For example, you could have a page titled: “Window Cleaners of Norwood,FL – Our 9 Years of Experience”

In this blog post you talk about the types of windows you cleaned (with pictures of them). The methods your business uses when cleaning certain windows. Safety procedures, years of experience, how many men you have available, their years of experience, sprinkle in a testimonial, mentioned that your fully insured. Have a few pictures of your work truck or crew next to the towns landmarks.

The idea here to be creative with your blog posts

Optimizing Your Images

I’m not going to ask you to do any coding here. Yet this approach might increase the loading speed of your site.

Google recommends your page size to not exceed 1MB.

Check if the images are a speed issue for you by going to and scanning your website.

The results should tell you if the image size is a problem or not.

If they do need compressing you should go to and compress them. Replacing the image with a compressed one on your site.

If you are going to take this approach, make sure you’re adding in an “ALT-Tag” to your images.

An ALT-Tag is a description of the image, but this description is for Google to know what your image is about. Since Google doesn’t have physical eyes to see your image it reads it through the ALT-Tag.

You should leverage the ALT-Tag with the keywords you’re using on your page.

Example: You’re posting a picture of a soapy window.

Use the ALT-Tag :”Clean Windows in Norwood, FL”

That’s a wrap! I hope this helps you get more web-generated leads this year! Thank you for reading this post. Share it with someone you think would find this information valuable.

If you’d like more help with your SEO strategy contact us! Our experience with SEO for Window Cleaners is unmatchable!

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