3 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Feb 3, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

For a small business owner, marketing and advertising may seem like an expensive cost for your business. But in 2019 there are many avenues that a slim budget could cover that are effective.

Advertising & Marketing got a whole lot easier.

Advertising the old school way was an expensive and kind of a foggy experience. Your nearly $500 dollars per week went into a 30 ad on the radio where the listeners just want to listen to some music while in traffic. Or you could have a giant billboard somewhere in your city. Billboards can cost up to $3000 per week! For a small business that’s probably not viable.

For local television stations, advertisers can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to$1500 for a 30-second commercial.

Old school advertising isn’t viable for small businesses.


1- You can’t track the ads performance.


2- The targeting of the ad is too generalized.


3- It’s too expensive.


Here are 3 budget-friendly and actionable advertising & marketing tips your business can take today.


1 – Facebook

Facebook is a great place to start. On Facebook you can create a page for your business an begin advertising on a budget you can track and control.

Facebook has gathered a lot of data from all its users, and now it knows to who it should and shouldn’t advertise certain products or services.

Decide on what type of campaign you want. Do you want your ad to drive traffic straight to a landing page? Or do you want the audience to engage with what your offering so they can share it with others. For Example: “Tag someone that needs this”


Here’s where Facebook works its magic if you know your target audience well.


1 – Target a specific city or between 10 – 50 miles of a certain location.

2 – Target a specific age range. This is important, you don’t want to be advertising to teens with no money.

3 – Target a specific gender. If your product or service is catered to a specific gender don’t waste money on the other!

4 – Target your audience. What do you know about them? What situation are they in? Add that in.

5 – Target where they work if that applies to your local business.

6 – What do you think your audience is interested in? Add that in!

7 – Narrow down you audience by excluding specific interests or characteristics you think further help your targeting.

8 – Keep an eye on the size of the audience you will be targeting. You do not want to go too broad or too small and specific.

9 – Edit the placement of the ad. You want them on the Feed where most of the eyeballs are.

10 – Target certain devices only. From Desktop to Android or Ipad tablets.

11- Set a date to start and end the ad.

2 – Yelp

It is very likely that your business is already on Yelp, but are YOU on Yelp?

This tip is taking into account that your Yelp account is already set up in detail description with great pictures of your business. So, do you have the “Yelp Biz” app on your smartphone? When Yelp users are on the site or app and they are looking for their options in your market they want to ask questions and compare the answers.


No one likes to wait for answers. Businesses usually have a high response time like hours or days. No Yelp user is willing to wait that long.


Have the app on your phone, and make sure you get notified just like a text message when someone sends you a message and respond as quickly as you can.

We at Boundless have a client who took this advice and brought their response time from 2 days down to 10 minutes by quickly answering. This drastically changed how many quote requests he received. Yelp users don’t want to drag their shopping experience for days on end. We all want answers fast

3 – Google My Business

This is one of the simplest Local Marketing tasks. If your business is not on GMB go claim it!

Create a profile and maximize it with pictures and information such as operating hours, website, and phone number. You can now add posts to this platform which can show up when someone searches on Google for the services your business offers.

Get reviews on your profiles! Ask your customers to leave you a review whenever you can. Reviews make your business stand out from the crowd, and make sure you’re responding to reviews as well to show your users you’re active online.

Download the Google My Business App Right Now! It works just like the previous Yelp tip.

Here’s a comparison of a business that has been properly claimed and one that has not or has been done poorly.


When it comes to digital marketing the “details” are not merely details!

Reviews should be taken seriously because they do play into who will want to contact your business. A complete Google My Business will differentiate your business from those who are digital lackluster.

A quickly responding business is one that will get more leads! Stay active online!

Facebook ads are worth a shot! It’ll certainly give you measurable results over the old, expensive, and non-measurable methods.

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